Sour Apple

This year was the first year I didn’t watch iPhone model unveiling.

Well, most of it had to do with the fact I’m a proud Samsung Galaxy S4 owner now.  But, more importantly, it had to do with the fact that I’m tired of the iPhone and the continuous list of “innovations” that Apple tries to shove down consumers’ throats.  And this year was no exception to that – the entire unveiling was disappointing on many accounts.


  1. iOS7: Apple’s iOS system has continually been a bother.  It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s standardized across all platforms; but a facelift and cosmetic changes can’t hide the problem. I shouldn’t have had to press an option three times to connect to WiFi.  iOS7 now allows you to turn on and off WiFi with a swipe down … a feature that’s existed forever for Androids.
  2. The Fingerprint Scanner: this (this!) is the feature everyone’s hyped up on.  Remember that biometric fingerprint scanner on HP laptops everyone was raving about back in the mid 2000s?  How many of you actually used it until you got sick of the scanner not reading your fingerprint?
  3. BUGS BUGS BUGS: There are an insane number of bugs in the iOS system on official releases.  Batteries draining, phones heating up … the list goes on.
  4. iPhone 5C: The phone is meant to target Asia (Korea, China) and challenge other companies’ hold.  But the focus to push innovation is not enough; it’s even more clear that innovation has taken a backseat to driving sales.
  5. iCloud: The worst cloud service ever.  If I wanted to download my pictures from iPhoto, I had to purchase an upgrade for iPhoto on my Macbook.  Unbelievable!


There certainly is a limit to how Apple can drive innovation and ingenuity; there comes a point where there just CAN’T be any more done to a phone.  But while the hype around the phone can be maddening, it’s my thoughts towards the COMPANY and the culture it instills that is infuriating.  

Apple Just Doesn’t Care About Its Consumers: Come now.  If they did, firstly, they wouldn’t make you purchase entirely new accessories to connect to the iPhone 5.  I’ve complained about this many times, but the change to the charger was really a new low.  Secondly, and more critically, Apple isn’t listening to what the consumer wants – they want something fresh, they want something that listens to them, they want connectivity between Siri and Google, not Bing.  They want an iOS maps that has transit built into it.  They want the option to increase their storage, not to purchase a phone and worry about whether three years down the road, there’s enough space for their music.

Oh, and please (!), journalists and developers … stop clapping every time an Apple official unveils a new feature.  While this isn’t exclusive to Apple, it steadfastly reduces an audience to nothing more than sheep.  The Cult of Apple is mind-boggling.

Apple doesn’t need me – it gets new fans each and every day. And while, yes, I do miss Apple, my S4 offers a range of options not possible with the iPhone. There’s a certain degree of absolution to an organization felt by any consumer when you make a coveted purchase – but as a consumer, though, know your limits and when to step away.


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