A belated birthday lunch

This is one of my best friends, Steph.  We met only recently (a year ago, when I turned 22, on a camping trip to Tofino), but since then, we’ve grown to be pretty close.  I love that Steph is one of those people you won’t see for a good month or two, and when you get discuss your days, it’s as if no time has passed at all.  She invited me out to a belated birthday lunch at The Reef, a popular Caribbean restaurant in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Commercial Drive.
I had never been to The Reef before, but anyone (anyone!) living in Vancouver, The Reef is not to be missed.
  • We started off with the Tasting Platter, which is a $16 platter for two with plantain chips, jerk wings and coco prawns.
  • The Tobago wrap was a nice wrap, with fresh salsa; the avocado yoghurt made the curry & lime marinated chicken breast go down even smoother
  • We washed everything down with a glass of guava juice and Jamaican cream soda, the latter of which, according to our server, was a favourite of any Jamaican patron

And there was also Ms. Kitty’s Hot Sauce, which was a spicy, fruity sauce that had a tangy flavour.  We slathered it on everything, especially the chicken.

As I’m typing this, I can only imagine the myriad of flavours we’ll taste in Europe.  Thanks Steph for the meal, and guess what?  48 more hours!


Tell me what you think! -KL

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