The Proper Binge

“Life itself is the proper binge” – Julia Child

Just came back from an amazing, sumptuous dinner prepared by my friend, Wesley – the five course meal (which aren’t all pictured here … I guess I got too greedy to stop to take pictures) was mind-blowing, not in its taste, but its detail and preparation.

It started off with a delectable beef brisket, followed by the fresh mussels (pictured).  It was then followed by spot prawns purchased that day, which were sauteed and spread over a piece of baguette and a great dill sauce (pictured).  The largest main was a veal shank, with a buttery, rich risotto and cooked asparagus.  Dessert came in the form of the coconut pudding and a strawberry topping (pictured).  All of this was prepared for 10 people by one guy, which I think is a testament to patience and attention.

Like Julia Childs once said, cooking is a discipline.  It takes a lot to follow a recipe; cooking is about practise, it’s about imagination, and knowing the flavours of your ingredients before you even start.  I wish I could say I spent more time cooking, rather than lounging about, deciding whether lunch will be a hearty Campbell’s or Instant Ramen. I’m hoping that being able to spend time in kitchens and restaurants in Europe will give me a newfound appreciation for freshness and quality, like tonight’s meal has!

P.S. Three days until Europe!


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