You mean “From East to West”, right?

I’m sitting in a Blenz on a wet Vancouver day, and wondering how to start this blog off.

I guess I just did. Hopefully, the next couple of days brings with it more inspiration about what to write about. If you need to know more about me, the about page should suffice to figure out my intentions. The title to this site is to east from west and no, I didn’t make a mistake.

Normally, we hear the saying “From East to West” and it’s rather bizarre, if we’re casually talking about directions, isn’t it?  I mean, we read left to right – wouldn’t it make more sense to say from West to East?  But besides inverting a casual saying for the sake of inverting it, to east from west has more significance than it might let on.

Firstly, the west in the title refers to my life here on the West Coast, in Canada, one of the greatest countries of the Western world, but even after 23 years, I’m still exploring new ways of how my East Asian background grounds me and pulls me back to the culture of countries I’ve never even set foot in.  

Secondly, the west also refers to the west side of Vancouver, where UBC is situated.  For the first time in 18 years, I spent more time on the west side of this city than I have in the east side community where I was born, and this gave me a bit of a new perspective on how people see my community.  In a way, having graduated, I’m coming back to East Vancouver, from the West,  reminding me of my background and how it’s led me to confront challenges and situations in a different way than if I had grown up in any part of this city.   

And lastly, to east from west is an inversion of the normal; it’s a new take on the old.  And as a citizen of this generation, shouldn’t that be one of our goals – seeing things in a new light and shaking up the status quo?

Enjoy the blog, and here’s to new beginnings!


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